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The principle and performance characteristics of CNC machining and manufacturing technology

1 Principle of action

CNC machining technology refers to the use of CNC machine tools and other machining tools to produce and process mechanical parts. In specific applications, CNC machining technology can be roughly divided into two sections, namely the software section and the hardware section. Among them, the software section mainly uses computer technology to write and control the numerical control program. With the assistance of the computer, the staff design the size of the mechanical mold, the processing components and the manufacturing materials. Before the specific mass production, the staff The code and program will be pre-determined and written, and then the instructions of the program will be used to control the digital production equipment, realize the intelligence and automation of mechanical production, and meet the basic production requirements of numerical control technology. The hardware segment mainly refers to the production machine tool itself and other CNC auxiliary production facilities. Among them, for the digital production of mechanical molds, CNC machine tools are the infrastructure for processing and production. Traditional production equipment often requires manual control of production procedures by personnel, and manual supervision of the entire production process. The CNC machine tool has sensor equipment, which can accurately respond to the transmitted instructions, so as to flexibly direct the machine tool to produce. The whole process reflects the characteristics of digitization and intelligence.

2 performance characteristics

In today’s era, my country’s CNC machining technology has been promoted in many fields of social production, and CNC machining technology has also reflected the tendency of centralization and intelligence in the process of self-improvement. Specifically, CNC machining technology has a high degree of automation and intelligence. In the process of use, it can not only speed up production, but also improve the quality of mechanized parts. It is the technical guarantee for modern industry to carry out refined production. At the same time, CNC machining technology is also conducive to improving the utilization efficiency of human resources and reducing the cost of using human resources. On the other hand, CNC machining technology embodies a high degree of intensification in the production process, reducing the production time of a single product, shortening the command response interval between different programs, centralized industrial production, and reducing resources The space occupation and waste, especially for some small and micro factories, can also achieve mass production. In addition, CNC machining technology has the characteristics of flexibility, which can effectively alleviate the current problems in industrial production. In the production of traditional mechanical molds, workers are proficient in the work experience and skills required by the production line, which means that the personal qualities of workers often determine the quality of traditional mechanical mold processing. However, under the background of CNC machining technology, the steps of industrial production and operation have become relatively simple, which means that industrial production is no longer demanding the work experience of workers, which reduces the difficulty of production to a certain extent and reflects flexible production. The advantage of the company is also able to continuously meet the needs of social production.

Post time: Mar-16-2021